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   Evolve 2 Excellence LLC programs are uniquely designed

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maximize the quality of one-on-one instructional time.

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  • Well ventilated contact free one-on-one instruction. Tuesdays Only

    1 hr


  • By appointment only. Contact Jen directly to schedule your workout.

    1 hr 30 min


  • Once a month small group workout for catchers! 4 catchers maximum


  • One-on-one video conference call mentoring for high school athletes!

    30 min


Fall Class Registration

Junior Umpire Rules Certification Course

     Six week course beginning October 11 through November 15, 2020. Designed for softball and baseball umpires with no experience or less than a year. This course will take aspiring umpires through twelve frequently occurring rules that are enforced exactly the same in both games. Some examples are: the dropped third strike, infield fly, and fair, foul, or foul tip. The digital textbook for this course will be Umpiring is For U, written by Jen Pawol.


     Virtual Office Hours will be listed in the itinerary for students to ask questions and receive help. Weekly reading assignments, activity pages, and quizzes will be required. Student umpires must complete the coursework and pass the final exam to receive their Junior Umpire Rules Certification. Umpires who pass the exam will receive further mentoring to locate equipment, uniforms, and umpire organizations in their local areas to begin working paid games. 

Early registration is $35.00 if paid in full before September 6th, 2020. Late registration is $55 after September 6th, 2020.

"I believe Jen is a very good trainer and motivates every person that she trains. She pushes everyone to be a better softball player. She always gives her all to every person that she trains. She makes you believe things that you will never know that you could accomplish."

- Megan, 16 


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