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Umpiring Is For U

Umpiring Is For U


This eighty two page dynamic umpire training workbook is designed for teens and adult beginner umpires alike, in baseball and softball, with zero to three years experience. 


Written by professional umpire Jen Pawol to help recruit, train, and register new umpires of all ages to umpiring opportuntities in their local area and nationally.  Become an Evolve Junior Umpire and start your officiating career! 


Pawol covers the basic baseball and softball umpire equipment and uniforms, over a dozen frequently occuring rules with activity pages, tips on how to find local umpire associations to begin working paid games, pointers on how to make a great first impression, instruction on basic plate mechanics, signals and verbal commands, dozens of tips on how to become a great umpire, and much more!

Available to ship by November 1, 2023
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